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APRIL 5, you will not only vote for Mayor (hopefully me) & even numbered council members, but other items on the ballot. See my opinion on these in comments.

One thought on “My opinion on the ballot proposals

  1. I love that tax increases in Norman require a vote of the people, so I will make my opinion of the current ballot issues that are not elected officials.
    I, for the most part, oppose any additional taxes or indebtedness, until the City begins to exercise responsible spending with the budget we currently have. Having said that, I look to the crumbling streets in some of even our newer communities as the result of excessive water flow that is not sufficiently drained off, “pop ups” on our sidewalks, and wash outs along intersections. Using the “sinking fund” for the payment of bonds seems to leave a bad taste in my mouth, as the property tax levied from city taxes has increased far too much as of late.
    Prop 1: It just makes sense, as the city elected officials are already paid a ‘stipend’. That is just accurate wording.
    Prop 2: I support this proposition as well, for it does hold the city manager to a level of accountability. Wording that is more applicable.
    Prop 3: I support this proposition as well, for it holds the elected officials accountable.
    Prop 4: This also makes common sense, for if a council member is running for a different office, we do not want them to be negligent of their councillary duties as they campaign for a different office.
    Prop 5: We do not want our employees to “double dip” into compensation packages, so I support this as well.
    Prop 6: Periodic Charter review committee is good for oversight to the review process, as I also favor a periodic review.
    Prop 7: Ad Hoc makes more sense as the reapportionment is not a permanent process.

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